I’m a stranger here myself!

Walked into my body at age eight and haven’t stopped wondering about life in general since.

A student of life, you might say. (The exams are murder, and graduation is a mystery.)

The arts had my full attention, career-wise, for a very long time, until stress and serial poverty overtook me and sent me in search of a less demanding, or more rewarding, road.

So far – no luck! I’m still searching though…

In my searching and wandering, things catch my attention. Could be most anything.

This space is dedicated to sharing those things with you, visitor. Welcome!

Play nice please… I always do.



  1. Keely Meagan says:

    I wish you were still writing!

    Here’s a blog you might want to repost or riff off of. It’s about Beyonce and the possibility of a post-Super Bowl backlash, similar to what happened to MJ. Just wanting to get people in the MJ community thinking about how to use our power to help her retain the space she needs to continue speaking out!

    Beyonce Rocked Our World: How MJ Would Want Us to Thank Her at

    Many thanks for your consideration


  2. Henry Vaughn says:

    I must say, I am extremely impressed with this place on the internet. Calling it a blog just seems so under rated! I love the lay out, very creative! Everything seems to be perfectly placed. I love your main subject, Michael Jackson, it makes for most excellent reading material. Thank you.

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